Maria Juana

Laugh, laugh, laugh; what else is there to do? 

Allow the insanity to take over. 

Expectations too are lies, made-up stories about how we think or believe things should go or be. 

Truth, always here, always present. 

The mind had such obsession with a question, “what if?” It was the knock on the door of stories to open up, door of lies. 

Touch, feel, aloneness, gift of serenity.

The freedom to be yourself, to do what you want, to feel what you feel and say what you want to say, the freedom to be love itself.

Truth rests in every breath, every step.

Sun, my companion; Moon, my companion.

Rejoice in love.

Truth can’t be explained or spoken about, it is silence itself. 

Truth, so simple, words make it difficult.


No acquisition or rejection, still.

Body, mind, primitive; soul, transcendent. 

Change is the root of possibilities, the reason why all dreams, needs, can be fulfilled, a dance of swing, impermanence.