Maria Juana

Burn in the flame of stillness, no following thoughts, still.

Fall into the darkness, into the skies of eternity.

Laugh at yourself, at your pain, at your sorrows, your aches, your mistakes, laugh with your tears, soften the rigidity that accumulates with pain alone.

If you are not fully engaged in the now you are living in some story, a story about the past, story about the future or a story about the present, let go of the stories, the thoughts, the lies.

The world doesn’t need you as a woman or man, black, white or in between, gay or straight, vegetarian or carnivore, believer or non believer, enlightened or unenlightened, old or young, it needs you as you, the simplicity of you, without labels or names, the simple truth.

Remain kind of your demons; they too are part of you, here to stay.

The answer you seek was found before the search.

Spirituality has nothing to do with comfort, on the contrary, it’s the act of being stripped naked constantly, stripped from beliefs, thoughts, ideas, to expose our deepest fears, to uncover the lies, the process of dying and being born with each moment of truth. 

Find your true self, no the one you imagine yourself to be, or the one you think yourself to be, the true you. 

The true you is not a star but a black hole, projective and receptive, with no direction, invisible to the naked eye, an eternal soul with no physical bounds, mysterious openness, with no elements or meanings, an empty void, vast spaciousness filled with neutrality. 

No ideology, philosophy, theory, practice, discipline, technique, bow, group, none of that can take you home, nothing that is said or written can possibly be truth itself, they are only pointers to truth, you must walk yourself home, laugh your way home.

No one was made just for you, we are not pre-made manufactured pieces, life is much mysterious than that, there is no fitting and clicking, only loving and being.

Freedom does not come alive through the masses, it resides in the individual.

Desire brings forward suffering, desire to get something, desire to give something, desire to be someone, desire to be with someone, desire to be recognized, desire to know, desire to escape, desire for change, desire to get someplace, desire for something to last, simply desire, if you find yourself suffering, ask yourself, am I practicing desire?

What you are cannot be understood by the brain, it cannot be thought about or contemplated about, because it is not separate from you, it is who you are, it is not a subject, or an object, the brain cannot compute it, it can only compute that which is perceived ‘out there’, through the senses.